Partnership with XIMEO

RIS, PACS, WEB solutions for radiology

Ima-x is the official distributor of Ximeo products in the Benelux

Computing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, especially medical imaging. It will allow a significant improvement in the quality of care.

In this context of digital revolution, XIMEO offers radiologists, prescribing physicians and patients a simple, robust, efficient and scalable solution:

- eoRIS: Electronic radiological diary - Administrative management of the imaging department - Protocol via voice recognition - Billing service

- eoPACS: Acquisition and storage of images - Advanced visualization - Diagnostic tools - Patient follow-up - Dissemination of results - Teleradiology

- eoWEB: Secure distribution of exams on the WEB - Access via a WEB / Mobile interface - Access for prescribers, patients - Display of DICOM images - Images accompanied by the protocol

- eoNIS: Management of the nuclear medicine service. By meeting the specific requirements of a nuclear medicine department, eoNIS is the ideal product to ensure efficient management. It ensures, among other things, the planning of examinations, invoicing, drafting of reports, but also the connection to the eHealth eHealth services portal.

- eoQUAL: Quality and documentary assistant. Since September 1, 2019, all establishments using ionizing radiation sources must have a quality system to meet the various regulatory requirements.

The B-QUAADRIL describes the audit procedures. eoQUAL ensures the establishment of a quality system and the monitoring of good radiological practices. It also facilitates self-assessment in accordance with B-QUAADRIL.

- eoDACS: Dosimetric assistant. The desire to ensure the safety of care as well as the applicable regulatory requirements make the recording and analysis of doses of ionizing radiation essential. eoDACS is the product to provide this service easily and efficiently.